Getting Your Brand Started on Snapchat

Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of brands hop on the Snapchat bandwagon. This comes as no surprise when you realize that 57% of surveyed Americans between the ages of 12 and 24 say that they use the network.

This massive figure puts Snapchat in the top tier of social networks used by millennials, only trailing Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat’s unusual format can be daunting to some brands, but taking this plunge might be worth the risk. Let’s dive into 5 quick tips that can help you get your Snapchat up and running smoothly.

Action #1: Do Your Research

Before you dive into Snapchat, you need to do your research. Set out to answer questions like, “Which other brands in our space are on Snapchat?” or, “What are the thought leaders doing on the network?” Answering these questions before you dive in will give you a better idea of the tactics or strategies you might want to emulate going forward.

Action #2: Decide What You Want

This sounds simple, but it can really help you avoid some complicated problems. Ask yourself hard-hitting questions. Who are you targeting? What is the purpose of your Snapchat? What does success look like to you?Answering these questions will help you form your ideal target audience, a successful content strategy and an effective measurement regiment.

Action #3: Promote Your Channel on Your Other Channels

After you’ve done your research and come up with the nuts and bolts of your Snapchat strategy, it’s time to promote your account! Come up with creative ways to promote your Snapchat across all your other social platforms, like in the location field on Instagram, or on your Twitter or Facebook cover photos and apps.

Action #4: Be Prepared to Post Frequently

What you don’t want to do on Snapchat is go in with a light content calendar. People like to be updated frequently on this network, so make sure you pack your calendar with content set to run every couple days. Maintain a steady stream of content and watch your following grow!

Action #5: Get Experimental

Our fifth and most-important tip is to try a lot of different things. Snapchat is still in its experimental phase, so match suit by trying things you’ve never done before. Give people exclusive looks behind the scenes at your next conference, host a AMA or turn the account over to one of your employees! These are the kind of things that will keep your Snap stories interesting and keep your audience coming back for more.

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