SEO is no Magic Wand

Search Engine Optimization can be an incredibly effective tool to advertise your business and when done well, it can offer an impressive return on your advertising dollars. But it is more than increasing the numbers of visitors to your website, it is about connecting the people most likely to need what you offer with your services. Many people say they want to be at the top of Google or Bing search results as if someone could wave a magic wand and make that happen. The reality is, the search engines are looking for the best possible content to fit the users search query so the best content is served first. Your most effective strategy for optimizing for search is to provide excellent content that people consume and explore.

SEO success isn’t determined by the number of visitors to your website. It is determined by the number of those visitors that convert to consumers of your product. Depending on your business, your conversion could be Your website is the first step in search engine optimization. It should show your buyers that they have arrived at the right place, provide the answer to the search, and satisfy the user that you are who they want to do business with, and then compelling them to take action. Tracking conversions is how you know your efforts are working. User experience is the number one reason people point to when they like or don’t like a website.

Impressions Don’t Mean Success.

That’s right, you heard correctly. It is a vanity stat that means nothing to your bottom line. That big number that is paraded in front of you as to how many people are seeing your content is flawed to the point of irrelevance. You can have a billboard on a busy road and a million people drive by it every day, but if the message isn’t compelling and clear, you have a million impressions a day and no conversions. If the user isn’t converting into a customer, you are wasting your time and money. You might think you have no idea how to access any of that information without hiring an expert, but there are many free tools available that let you see inside the performance of your website. Google analytics can be used to identify strong and weak sources and the all important number of actual conversions. You can quickly pivot to optimize search engine results with corrections to the website. The most overlooked and most valuable tool in SEO is your website. It is the place that users land and their first impression will either send them deeper into your website or away from it immediately as a ‘bounce’. When a user spends an infinitessimal amount of time on your website, it is viewed as content that did not meet the search criteria and as such, will be degraded by the algorithms of the search engines. It does no good to be number one in search if the users do not stay on your site.

The integration of your website with SEO should start from the very inception. Creating a website that is structured to work well with search engines is the most effective form of search engine optimization. If you do what most people do and start with website design, publish it, then start looking for ways to optimize, you waste a priceless opportunity to hit the ground running with a fully integrated SEO program that is embedded in every page. Starting with a reliable source of information, you can achieve spectacular search results with less investment because you are delivering what the search engines want.

Quality Content is the Silver Bullet.

Creating such content involves working with a writer who is well versed in the strategic application of keywords and fluent in a conversational style that readers enjoy. Placing those words in a format that is pleasing to the eye and visually restful creates a great user experience resulting in longer visits and higher rankings. We have all clicked on those links that sounded so promising only to find it didn’t live up to our expectations so be sure that what you are promising is being delivered. This very page, for example, is about search engine optimization, and we would like to deliver a comprehensive understanding of search engine optimization here. We think there is a lot of misunderstanding about what it can and cannot do for your business. If someone is promising you top search placement but isn’t addressing your website, they aren’t really giving you the full benefits as SEO on its own has limited and short-lived results with a big price. You might get to the top page, but when your bounce rate jumps and your user time decreases, your conversion rate will drop and it’s all about conversions.



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